Well it was very windy and then it was wet, but it was definitely the end of the world in Britain….

courtesy of Sarah Schmidlin Photography

It was an amazing weekend of music, making new friends, meeting old ones, trading, bartering, dancing, sword fighting, life drawing, belly dancing, fire eating and drinking tea.

yep.. that’s the tea drinking!

The sun did shine on us though and we thoroughly enjoyed the end of the world! Bex got to dye lots of fabric with rusty things she found around the site and Jay got to eat the biggest ice-cream the world has ever seen for his birthday treat. 

And there was a tank to play on!

The music was amazingly varied with something for everyone across the whole weekend from ska and steampunk to rock. The traders were varied too and you could get everything from a keyring to whole new outfit.

We didn’t go on the drive with the vehicles but the videos and photos look fabulous as they went through the local towns and villages. However, we are confused as to how you lose a Hummer mid route?! 

Next year is already underway with headline acts confirmed for Friday as UK:ID and Saturday as V2A!! get your tickets booked as it is less than 9 months away as we’ve moved it to July so it is warmer (hopefully – this is Britain) and it is longer too. Do not be worried though there will still be plenty of tea as this is still going to be a truly British apocalypse. 

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