As promised (after some much needed sleep) here is the slideshow from the talk at the Glasgow and NEC shows on crafting your inner self.

Here are the artworks –

Artist Unknown

Arrieta vogels
Linsey Bateman
Fallen Sniper from Deviant Art

3 steps towards self discovery

•1. working out who you are •Focus on what is inside you not outside. Forget about the need to be valued by other and focus on your own morals, goals and life values. List what really makes you happy in life.

•2. Where are you right now? •Look at our life right now. How does it fit with your  happy list? Does it fit your choice of morals and aims for yourself. How have your previous decisions affected your journey to this point in time – try making a simple time line of the major turning points in your life.

•3. Now what? •Tomorrow is a new day. You can change whatever you like in your life, whether it is not buying prewrapped veg or getting a new job. The choice is yours. The inner you needs to make the decision so it needs to understand how.

If you missed the talk and the presentation does not make sense then do not worry as the book will be coming out later this year. Watch this space to find out more and when you can pre-order.

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