You can now pre-order the next two books so get ready to get excited.

Crafting your inner self will be out in September – this is based on the highly successful series of lectures and is about unleashing the inner you in your art and craft. It also has a section on Alter Egos!

Next, in November is the much anticipated Rust dyeing book with added sections on combining it with eco dyeing too. This takes us back to the root of colouring fabric as oxides are some of the oldest form of colour and it will have you learning while you play!

To order head over to the shop where they are available at a special pre-order price of only £9.99 for a limited time. Each pre-order will be hand signed and if you request it with your order it can be made out to a specific person too.

We’re so excited we’re back off out to the dye room to play…

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