The Apocalypse came to the Creative Craft show in June when we arrived with our set up of wasteland trading stall, bikes and, of course, Rusty all under the roof  of the NEC in Birmingham. We spent the show demonstrating what it could be like to live and work after the Great Reset when all the skills that we have come to take for granted and even forget as we have technology that can do it for us become our means of everyday survival.

We took a wide range of our costumes and props as well as fabrics and clothing, but the favourite of the weekend was yet again the string of fairy lights made from rusty tin cans.

We had our warboy on the treadle sewing machine….

We demonstrated the ability to dye fabrics using rusty objects and our magic formulas…

And we even taught workshops in full post apocalyptic gear!

It was exceedingly warm despite the air conditioning but the warpaint survived to the end. We had a fabulous time and had the chance to meet lots of you lovely people in the flesh at least so thanks for coming to see us and we will see you again very soon.

Next Creative Craft show is in Manchester in September for us and our next show is The Asylum in Lincoln where we will be up by the University and have lots of exciting things planned!

keep making…

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