What a weekend… we’ve been hiding out at a secret location in the South building at the Road to Ruin site since Friday lunch time getting the Marauders village frontage and first walls built. The weather has not been great for flat panel construction and lifting but we soldiered on. Of course, I decided it was just wabi sabi wall building – it’s mine, I’ve claimed it as a concept – and then we were off! We built doors that opened, doors that didn’t, pretty windows, gaps for severed limbs to poke through later, reinforcements, fake reinforcements, a storage cupboard, a dumping space and even a secret room called the playroom which you have to search out when you come to the festival.

the door that will open!
walls under construction
wabi sabi wall building!

We’re heading back in a couple of weeks to do more building so we’ll fill you in on more details then but until that date watch the Facebook page for the festival at  Apocalypticus – Road to Ruin 2018 


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