It’s going to be busy in the post apocalyptic zone at the Asylum.

We’re going to be doing a wide variety of things on stand including:

1 – never wash again! how to get permanent weathering effects on clothing for the perfect post apocalyptic/aged look.

A look at techniques used to get the aged look into fabrics without it all washing out again after you have worn it once or you having to avoid hot days to keep your aged look without losing your friends.

2 –   working with rust, a guide for beginners.

Rust is not just for old cars, it is perfect for many other applications from jewellery or ornaments to dyeing fabric and staining wood. Let the Queen of Rust guide you through the basics of how to expand your use of this simple yet versatile substance.

3 – The life of a war bike

The journey from everyday ride to one of a warbike is not easy but it is fun. See what it takes to become one of the tribe and learn some of the techniques used in creating the effects on display.

4 – cyanotypes.

Creating blueprints/sunprints using the power of the sun. You can also have a go and make your own.

5 – stitching/making post apocalyptic clothing and textiles.

We have a treadle machine that we bring so you can even have a go if you like.

6 –  natural dyeing.

Using plants and rust to dye fabrics and clothing.

Also across the days we will have specific special events going on:

Thursday evening

Setup! We’ll be putting up the stand and then heading over to Charlotte House for the Advance Guard so come on by and say hello (especially if you are adept at putting up large metal tent like structures)


From 10am get your war paint on.

Bex will be helping you finish off your apocalyptic look by hosting a makeup station all day on stand where you can pick up tips and tricks for getting the look that rocks at the end of the world.


At 10.30am to get your blood flowing and your energy up we’ll be doing a wasteland workout. You don’t need fancy workout clothing or special gear as when the world ends you need to be able to move in whatever you are wearing. So join us to see how fit you really are and if you will survive! (gentle versions also available)

Before Dystopia the Party for the End of the World at the Engine Shed there will be another chance for you to get your look sorted with the post apocalyptic makeup station at the gig for one hour only. Then you can learn how to party like the world is ending….


At 2pm we will be teaching you how to prep you apocalypse bunker so when the world ends you will be ready. Join us in Constance Stewart Hall with your notepad at the ready….


For those of you who have survived the weekend we’ll be doing another full day of demos and fun on stand, so come along and say hi.

Of course we will have our usual supply of amazing things on stand for you to see and buy including lots of new products launched this month.

Still need to finish your outfit? We have plenty of clothing for sale on stand or if you want to we are offering a special service new for the Asylum – Bring along your undyed shirts/blouses/t shirts etc and we will dye them for you for only £10. All being well they will be ready to wear before the end of the weekend!!

If that’s not enough to keep you busy then check out the rest of the timetable at

Now I’m off to pack!!

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