Wow, what a time we had in Lincoln. We went expecting, well, we weren’t really sure what to expect as we had never been before. We had been told it was going to be spectacular and we were not let down. 

The advance guard party

We had given Rusty her annual tart up and she was ready to flaunt it in the sunshine (which there was for at least a day and a half of it!) So off we headed to BGU and setup right by the front doors where you couldn’t miss us.

The big new tent worked a treat in the sunshine, we had so many visitors we didn’t get to sit down all day. We even managed to get ourselves volunteered to join in with the fashion show that evening!

courtesy of Freesprite Media

In which we did not threaten to eat the audience (honest)! Even Kaida and Mak strutted their stuff down the red carpet and earned a well deserved cheeseburger afterwards.

You would have thought we would learn to stop volunteering for things, but no, on Saturday Bex got herself in charge of the microphone at The Engine Shed and compered Dystopia, Party for the End of the World with some of our favourite people including Flesh Tetris and the ever awesome V2A.  

Sunday it rained!!

A lot….. but we kept going and spent several hours outside demonstrating natural dyeing and getting wet!

And then Bex got volunteered to compere another night at the engine shed with Alice’s Night Circus, Victor and the Bully and Steampowered Giraffe. That was something special. The wedding dress and top hat came out, as did the glittery makeup (I’ve yet to find anyone who actually got a photo of the outfit!) and we made some dreams come true. 

V2A on a visit to our stand

Monday was quite a chilled out day after far too little sleep all weekend but we topped it off by meeting Terry English and having our family portrait done by Darkbox photography. (yes, that’s Terry English armour on Bex)

Will we be back next year? Hell yeah!

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