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The advanced weathering solution has been designed to help you age natural surfaces faster.

On the left the can is brand new. The can in the middle has spent two years rusting naturally to get to this stage, yet the can on the right took only two days. All you have to do is sand the surface of the can to remove the coating and then spray with the advanced weathering solution and leave to dry. You can respray again after 24 hours if you want it to rust further. NOTE – it is real rust so it will continue to rust even once the advanced weathering solution has finished working.

Great for getting objects rusty for rust dyeing, prop making, ornaments, steampunk, post apocalyptic and more….

The advanced weathering solution can also be used to age other natural surfaces in short timescales by spraying on and leaving. Watch for the reactions and always do outdoors as some are really interesting! Once the desired effect is reached remove loose material and wash, especially on wood. This can be as little as 24 hours. You may like to seal the surface to slow/halt further weathering.

Always test on a small piece first before starting a large project.


Not suitable for use by under 18’s. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Wear protective gloves, clothing, eye protection.

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