Eco Cyanotype Kit (refillable)


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Kit for making your own beautiful blue cyanotype images.

Comes with the two amber glass bottles of sensitiser ready to mix and easy to use instructions in an eco cotton bag.

Each bottle contains 100ml of sensitiser, however the bottles are able to hold 150ml.

When you have finished your kit you can send your bottles back and get them refilled with our cyanotype refill

Never tried cyanotypes before? Don’t panic, it really is simple!

All you will need is a plastic/ceramic bowl or pot to mix your equal amounts of the chemicals into and your choice of paintbrush or sponge applicator. And of course something to apply it onto!

You simply mix equal amounts of the two sensitisers in your bowl and using a paintbrush/sponge apply it to your chosen surface. You can make cyanotypes on anything natural and porous – paper, cotton, silk, wood, stone, etc. The kit comes in an eco cotton bag so why not practice on that.

To create your final image you have to expose the treated surface to the sun with some form of resist/object which makes the picture or pattern. You can use all sorts of objects from plants to laser cut shapes or acetate negatives.

The sensitiser will react with the UV light changing colour – the simplest way to do this is put them outside in daylight, once exposed for long enough you then remove your objects and place the ‘picture’ in a bowl of ordinary water to wash off any unwanted & unexposed sensitiser and you will now see the blue start to appear.

Cyanotypes are one of the oldest forms of photographic process and once created are very resilient to UV light and fading. They will fade over time with washing.

Bored of just Blue? You can also try the cyanotype toning kit to make different colours including different shades of blue, browns, red, yellow and more…



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