Cyanotype Toning Kit


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Your cyanotypes no longer have to be blue!

Now you can achieve other shades from deep prussian blue or bright pale blue to shades of yellow, brown and even purple/reds.

The kit contains intensifier to brighten your prints, bleacher to lighten them and toner to darken them. When used in combination a wide variation of colours and tones can be achieved.

Simply pour each test tube into a 1 litre bath of water and mix until dissolved. It is then ready to use. Plastic trays or containers are best such as storage or garden trays or even a washing up bowl – one for each type, bleacher, intensifier and toner.

Comes with instructions on how to obtain various shades.

Contains 3 sets of test tubes so you can do three toning sessions. Each set will tone lots of prints/fabric depending on how many times you put them back and forth between the baths, but on average a minimum of 20 A4 prints can be put through the full multi-bath process before they start to ‘muddy’. If you just intensify, bleach OR tone this will be many more.

Not suitable for unsupervised use by under 18’s.

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